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Caorle is a very popular tourist center of Adriatic sea, here the sea meets history, culture and traditions.

Cuisine is one of these traditions: the safeguard and the promotion of the local cuisine is a strong need, most of the restaurants in Caorle want to preserve an high quality standard of the local gastronomy, promoting and offering the typical dishes of the local seafood in respect of tradition, authenticity and guaranteed origin of the fish used, which is caught from the local fishermen only.

The core ingredient for most dishes is fish, freshly delivery daily to the local fish market by a large fleet of small fishing boats. The nutritive value of some local fish and shellfish, such as capesante (scallops), moscardini (small octopuses), and canestrelli (smalls scallops) is universally renown by chefs and nutritionist.

Some of these dishes are: the broéto, a rich fish soup fishermen traditionally ate out in the sea, and the speo e bisato, eel on the rod which requires a very long preparation, and it used to be prepared in the casoni, the traditional fishermen's thatched houses by the sea valleys. Other delicious dishes are: fried young fish, fried masenete (small green crabs), and grilled fish.

Many typical Venetian dishes are also part of Caorle cuisine, though often reinvented with local flavours: sarde in saor (fried sardines in sautéed onion), bigoi in salsa (thick long noodles with anchovies paste), spaghetti with pevarasse (a variety of clams), spaghetti a la busara (with prawns), pasta with zotoi (squids), crabs "tagliolini", seafood risotto, "risotto al nero di sepia" (with squid ink), not to mention the seafood antipastos with granseola (spider-crab), sea truffles and canocie (mantis shrimps).

Only a few kilometres from Caorle numerous organic farms sell their vegetable and animal products, mainly hams and sausages.

We certainly can not overlook the local production of delicious wines, which each restaurateur would knowledgeably pair with your meal.

Veneto region is well known also for its vines and wines. Travelling throught it, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape made of vineyards and wineries. This heart has a name: the Lison Pramaggiore D.O.C. area, very near to the historical town of Portogruaro. The wines produced in this area had already been appreciated by the "Dogi"; today this area has given life to the "Road of the Dogi".