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Caorle, famous as a holiday resort for bathing and naturalistic stays, has become an international touristic destination. This little town is situated only an hour’s drive from Venice and it has preserved the intact charme of its seaside village and its port.

The coast of Caorle, Porto S. Margherita and Duna Verde (15 km of beach) perfectly caters for all the holiday maker's needs. You will find sunbeds and sunshades, cabins and showers, first aid stations and restaurants as well as camping sites, holiday villages, etc. There are also shopping centres and "botteghe" or traditional shops, fashionable boutiques and elegant icecream parlours, typical restaurants, pizzerias, discos and sea terraces.

Caorle offers the visitor an attractive picture, both when viewed from the land and from the sea.

You can enjoy Caorle’s unspoilt nature visiting the lagoon and the different valleys. You will discover the famous "casoni", the old reed houses of the fishermen of the lagoon, which are unique historical and architectural records. It is not easy to describe a natural scene in which the only sound is that of the oars or the birds in flight, but this is what Ernest Hemingway did in some of the finest pages of this book "Beyond the river between the trees".

In these last ten-year periods the town has had a quick development, especially from the touristic point of view, that has transformed Caorle into a celebrated summer holiday resort with several comforts.